AAS Statements

As a part of its policy activities, the American Astronomical Society issues statements on policies or proposed policies. These statements are written by the AAS Committee on Public Policy (CAPP), in consultation with AAS Public Policy staff, and are governed by the CAPP's mission, guiding principles, and strategic plan.

Statements Related to the Federal Budget

  • About the President's FY 2016 Request: Investments in scientific discovery lay the groundwork needed to secure America’s future economic prosperity and a higher quality of life for our nation’s citizens. The AAS is troubled by the lack of priority placed on scientific discovery in the president’s fiscal year 2016 budget request.
  • About President's FY 2015 Request: As the nation works toward a hard-fought economic recovery, it is crucial that we strengthen investments in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) research that will help drive our long-term prosperity in the global knowledge economy. The AAS is troubled by the reduction in basic science research funding proposed in the President’s Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Request.
  • About President's FY 2014 Request: AAS appreciates the President’s continued support for science in the 2014 Budget. Investment in the science and technology enterprise is particularly important during difficult economic times, since Federally funded research plays a critical role in the Nation’s economic competitiveness and the well-being of its citizens.

Statements Related to Other Topics

  • About Community-Based Priority Setting: AAS endorses community-based priority setting as a fundamental component in the effective funding, management, and oversight of the federal research enterprise. Broad community input is required in making difficult decisions that will be respected by policymakers and stakeholders.
  • About Travel Restrictions to Scientific Conferences: AAS is deeply concerned about the impact of the Administration’s new conference travel restrictions on the scientific productivity and careers of researchers who are Federal employees and contractors.
  • About President's Proposal to Eliminate SMD EPO: AAS is encouraged by the goal in the President’s 2014 budget proposal to increase the impact of the federal education investment. The AAS has contributed significantly to advancing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) literacy in all four areas called out in the proposal.

This list is a work in progress as of 8 December 2014 and may not reflect all the statements that AAS has made in previous years.