Policy Blog

The AAS Public Policy team uses the Policy Blog to communicate with the membership about current events in the science policy world. Most policy blog posts are written by the John N. Bahcall Public Policy Fellow.

Impact of a Shutdown on Astronomy

19 Sep 2023
With just a few weeks left until the deadline to avert a government shutdown, John N. Bahcall Public Policy Fellow Yaswant Devarakonda discusses how we got here and what we can expect to happen next.

Understanding the FY24 Appropriations Bills

20 Jul 2023
Last week, the Senate and House introduced their funding bills for the Commerce, Justice, and Science agencies, which include NASA and NSF. In this blog post, we analyze what is included in the bills and discuss what...

Where Did the $30 Million For Astronomy Go?

8 May 2023
The National Science Foundation's Astronomy Division seems to be missing the $30 million that Congress directed to support astronomy facilities. The funding must be in NSF budget somewhere, but not where we expected.