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Bylaws & Leadership


Committee members


Lia Corrales, Co-Chair


Nicole Cabrera, Co-Chair

Alyson Brooks 


Christopher Moore

Moiya McTier


Kimberly A. Coble




Charee Peters


Adam Burgasser (Council Liason)


Kate Daniel


Keith Hawkins


Brianna Thomas



Erin Flowers



Mission: To enhance the participation of underrepresented minorities in Astronomy and Astrophysics at all levels of experience.


  • To provide an overview of the status of minorities in Astronomy, including identifying areas of concerns and opportunities.To advise the AAS about these and formulate policies for the society to consider. To establish and maintain a statistical base on the participation of minorities in Astronomy over time.
  • To act as a facilitator in the communication between minorities themselves, and the programs and jobs which might interest them. This includes putting students in contact with more advanced students or professionals, fostering "mentoring," and "networking" in aid of moving people into programs or jobs.
  • To act as a central contact point to other societies or institutions with a useful relation to the mission.

Methods: The AAS will supply the CSMA with the resources needed to compile and maintain its informational databases. The CSM will maintain and update a Website (as part of the AAS Website), which will make available to the community at large all appropriate information. It will be constructed to facilitate communication between those offering assistance, advice, education or employment, and those seeking it. The committee will actively publicize its efforts in appropriate forums to maximize the number of participants in its activities. The CSM will meet regularly, electronically or in person, to monitor its success and create new policies or activities. It will remain aware of other efforts germane to its mission, and make use of them (and avoid duplication) whenever possible.

History: An ad-hoc committee was established by Frank Shu. A full Committee was established January 1997 for an initial period of four years. Formal operation began at the end of the Society's Business Meeting 11 June 1997.

Chair: Council appointed.

Members: Council appointed.

Term: Members serve three year terms, June to June. Members and Chairs may be re-appointed.

Charge: To enhance the participation of under-represented minorities in Astronomy and Astrophysics at all levels of experience.