25 July 2013

Indianapolis Meeting Session Videos

Crystal Tinch American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Video recordings from the 222nd AAS meeting in Indianapolis, 2-6 June 2013, are now online. Among the available videos are some plenary sessions (i.e., invited talks and prize lectures); oral, special, and meeting-in-a-meeting sessions; town halls; Laboratory Astrophysics Division sessions; and press conferences.

Not all sessions were recorded, so if you don't find a particular talk or session in the list of available videos, it means it wasn't recorded.

Except for the press conferences, which are also available elsewhere, meeting videos are available only to AAS members for the first six months after the meeting. You'll need to sign in to this website using your AAS username and password to view the videos during this period. After that, the videos will be available publicly.