7 August 2013

From the Executive Office

Kelly Clark American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Our lease with the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in Dupont Circle was due to expire in 2014. We investigated other real-estate options in the DC area with the goal of increasing our square footage to improve office efficiency. We soon realized that our rental rates on the 4th floor of the AGU building were approximately 20 percent below other comparable locations. We were therefore reluctant to leave, but we still needed more space.

In February, the AGU approached us with the option of relocating to a larger suite on the 3rd floor. With Council’s approval, we began to work with architects to design our new floor plan. The building-management company assisted us with the bidding and construction processes. Recycled and/or locally sourced materials were utilized where possible. For example, the carpet is made of recycled materials, and the construction finishes were produced in the United States.

We relocated to Suite 300 on July 13th. The additional square footage has allowed us to expand our main conference room, add a small second conference room, and increase the storage space for our meeting equipment, supplies, and signage. Every fall, when the elected officers of the Society and its divisions would gather for an annual leadership meeting, we'd have to rent space from the AGU to accommodate everyone in one room. Our new large conference room will allow us to host the leadership meetings in the AAS office without incurring additional rental fees from our landlords.

The relocation was a team effort and went remarkably smoothly. The entire staff did an incredible job to organize our new space. Thanks to their hard work, we are re-energized and focused, ready to work on our campaign to encourage online renewals (which starts on 1 September), the 45th DPS meeting in Denver, CO, in October, and the 223rd AAS meeting in Washington, DC, in January.