1 August 2013

Murchison Widefield Array Call for Proposals

Judd Bowman Arizona State University

The Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) in Western Australia invites shared-risk observing proposals for the 2014A semester (1 January 2014 through 30 June 2014). The MWA is a low-frequency radio telescope operating between 80 and 300 MHz. It consists of 128 phased-array dipole antenna tiles providing 31 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, 20° to 30° field of view, and up to arcminute angular resolution. The MWA is operated by an international collaboration, including partners from Australia, India, New Zealand, and the United States. We expect to schedule approximately 1,000 hours during the 2014A period, of which up to 350 hours will be available as open access and a further 200 hours as Director's Discretionary Time. We are pleased to invite proposals from all communities.

The deadline for proposals for the 2014A semester is 15 October 2013. The announcement of opportunity and call for proposals can be found on the MWA page, along with additional information about the telescope. Questions regarding this call for proposals can be directed to the MWA Project Scientist, Judd Bowman, at judd.bowman@asu.edu.