27 September 2023

NSF Lab Astro Data Users Survey

Stuart Loch Auburn University

The Laboratory Astrophysics Task Force (LATF) needs your help! We are seeking input from astronomers and astrophysicists who rely on laboratory astrophysics data. 

If laboratory data, theoretical data, and associated databases are essential to your research, then please take this brief surveyIf there are fundamental questions in your field that cannot be answered without new laboratory or theoretical data, then this is a good opportunity for you to inform the laboratory astrophysics community.

A key goal of the LATF is to help NASA and NSF address the Astro2020 recommendation on how to best support laboratory astrophysics to enable forefront astronomical discoveries and maximize the scientific return of NASA missions and NSF observatories.

Your input will help us greatly in making informed recommendations to the congressionally chartered Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee about the critical needs in laboratory astrophysics.

Please take the survey by Friday, 20 October 2023, and feel free to share it with colleagues! The survey is very brief and should only take a few minutes to complete.