Contents of AAS Newsletter insert on Electronic Publishing

In October 1992, the American Astronomical Society published a review of its philosphies and plans regarding electronic publishing. A series of articles were published as a supplement to the AAS Newsletter #62. These articles are reproduced in this directory in pure text form. With the exceptions of the introduction and opening editorial, the articles appear in files named after the first author. The titles and authors of the pieces are given below; the filenames in which the articles are shown on the left.


Projects and Plans of the AAS For astronomers, an electronic revolution is occurring on our desktops. In the last few years, our ability to connect our desktops to the wider world through computer networks has opened startling new opportunities for interaction with our colleagues, providing us with an avenue of almost instant communication. The availability of a fast and reliable electronic mail system has influenced our daily informal communication. It has made possible a wider range of ways to find, retrieve, and distribute information and research results than ever before. Now, the electronic revolution is reaching our most traditional means of communication - the publication of our refereed scientific journals. Revolutions do not take place overnight. For the last several years, the American Astronomical Society has been actively developing strategies for electronic scientific communications pertinent to astronomy to help carry us into the next century. In this special section of the AAS Newsletter we hope to outline these strategies and the steps that the AAS is taking to achieve them, as well as provide a clearer definition of just exactly what we mean when we talk about electronic publishing.